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2017 / 08/ 17


After field work all are back in Oslo now

We had a quite successful season this year (especially Jose). Collection of Stygocapitella around the Northern hemisphere has been successfully finished. The last trip this year is going to the Red Sea for Asmaa's project.

2017 / 03/ 27


Spiralian phylogeny remains a tough nut to crack

The phylogenetic relationships within Spiralia and Lophotrochozia remains one of the major challenges in animal evolution. Please see our new publication in Systematic Biology (Kocot et al.)

2016 / 05/ 15


Asmaa arrived from Egypt visiting my lab for two years

Asmaa is finishing her PhD thesis and got a fellowship from the Egyptian government to conduct her research in my lab on polychaetes from Egypt. Welcome Asmaa and a good start in Oslo.

2015 / 12/ 01


Jose started his PhD position today

Welcome Jose as the first member of the Struck lab in Oslo. Jose will work on the species complex of Stygocapitella subterranea using phylogeographic and population genomic approaches.

2015 / 09 / 04


New position started at the Natural History Museum of UiO

At the 1st I started as a Professor of Evolutionary Genomics at the University of Oslo. I am now also Curator of the Helminth collection. Please see my new contact information below.

2015 / 07 / 23


Our analyses on interstitial annelids got published in Current Biology.

In these analyses we showed that the interstitial annelid grouped into groups. Given our results the interstitial realm was inhabited by two evolutionary trajectories.

2015 / 03 / 27


Mitochondrial genomes support monophyly of Gnathifera.

We were able to determine the first mitochondrial genomes for Gnathostomulida and Gastrotricha.

2015 / 03 / 11


First paper on fossils.

My first paper on a fossil is out in the Proceedings of the Royal Society. Thanks Joachim for getting me involved.

2014 / 08 / 26


The Heisenberg fellwoship got extended for two more years.

Good news on my own part. My fellowship was evaluated positively and I have two more years doing my research. Stay tuned.

2014 / 05 / 06


Two new phylogenomic paper are publishec in MBE.

We published two new papers addressing annelid and spiralian phylogeny, respectively, in MBE. Check them out.

2014/ 03 / 31


BaCoCa and TreSpEx manuscripts have been printed now.

Now the manuscripts discribing both programs have been printed.

2013 / 10 / 06


TreSpEx new version is released.

I have released now the version v1 of TreSpEx including a manual, example files and precompiled databases.

2013 / 10 / 06


BaCoCa new version is released.

As MPE accepted our paper on BaCoCa. We have released now the Alpha version.


2013 / 04 / 19


New paper about Diurodrilidae is out.

Congratulations to Anja for the paper published in MPE on the position of Diurodrilidae using mitochondrial genomes.


2013 / 02 / 11


Webpage is online!

Hi all, I moved my web presence to this page, so that it is more independent of my chaniging work places. It will be under construction for some time, but enjoy exploring it anyway.



Torsten H. Struck

Professor of Evolutionary Genomics

Curator of the Helmint collection

Department of Research and Collections

Natural History Museum


Postal address:

PO Box 1172 Blindern

N-0318 Oslo



Visiting address:

Room 209

Zoological Museum

Sars gate 1

0562 Oslo



phone: +47-228-51740



Recent Members:

Torsten H. Struck (Head)

Jose Cerca de Oliveira (Ph.D. student)

On the origins of Cryptic Species: Insights from the Stygocapitella subterranea species complex

Asmaa Haris Elgetany (visiting Ph.D. student)

DNA Barcoding of Egyptians polychaetes and its Commercial Culture Application


Former Members:

Anja Golombek (Ph.D. student)

Phylogenetic position of interstitial polychaete taxa of supposedly paedomorphic origin.

Janina Dordel (Diploma student)

Determination of basal annelids using several molecular markers.

Frauke Fisse (Diploma student)

Molecular-phylogenetic position of worm-like Lophotrochozoa (e.g., Sipuncula and Echiura) relative to Annelida.

Patricia Girod (Bachelor student)

Phylogeography of selected populations of Saccocirrus papillocercus (Annelida) based on mitochondrial and nuclear markers.

Christoph Hösel (Diploma student)

Determination of mitochondrial genomes and EST databases of selected annelids and their implications for the resolution of basal patterns in molecular systematics of Annelida.

Günter Jirikowski (Diploma student)

Mesoderm development in marbled crayfish.

Janina Jördens (Diploma student)

Analyses regarding the phylogenetic position of Stygocapitella subterranea (Parergodrilidae, “Polychaeta“) within Annelida.

Julia Lange (Master & Bachelor student)

Phylogeography of the interstitial polychaete Stygocapitella subterranea using microsatellite data.

Maximilian Nesnidal (Diploma student)

Molecular phylogeny of selected platyzoan taxa (e.g., Rotifera, Gastrotricha, Gnathostomulida).

Anna Rikeit (Master & Bachelor student)

Phylogeography of the interstitial polychaete Stygocapitella subterranea using AFLP data.

Dominik Siemon (Bachelor student)

Molecular phylogeography of populations of selected Parergodrilidae.

Dave Stateczny (Bachelor student)

Phylogeography of selected North and South Atlantic populations of Stygocapitella subterranea based on molecular markers.

Sarah Tobergte (Bachelor student)

Phylogeny of Platyzoa based on complete mitochondrial genomes.

Jana Wegbrod (Bachelor student)

Phylogeography of selected East-Atlantic populations of Stygocapitella subterranea using molecular data.