need the perl Statistics::R package as well as the R basic packages, and the R-gplots library for using the "-r" option, allowing the generation of result heat maps by using R. Setup instructions for the installation are given in the BaCoCa documentation of the downloadable .zip file.


Does not need additional perl and R packages. "-r" option not implemented in BaCoCa_v1.1


This is still a beta-release of the program. For installing TreSpEx decompress the file and move the folders to any location you want. TreSpEx will have to be started from this location.

Manual of TreSpEx

Version History

Download Precompiled Databases for the blast search in TreSpEx_v1:

These packages have to be decompressed into the folder blast/bin/Databases within the TreSpEx folder. This will generate folders beginning with PrecompiledDatabases within the Databases folder. ALL folders, each containing a precompiled database for the blast search, within the PrecompiledDatabases folders have to be moved up into the Databases folder, so that the Databases folder contains these folders and NOT the PrecompiledDatabases folders.

Example input and result files for the analyses in TreSpEx_v1:

This  package has also to be decompressed, but the location does not matter in contrast to the database package.